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Lyz Parayzo



Project in collaboration with artist Augusto Braz

This artistic performance inspired by the book "Countersexual Manifesto" by Paul Preciado seeks to challenge the boundaries established by the binary logics that surround bodies. Contrassexuality, as a theory of the body, proposes a perspective that goes beyond the traditional notions of man/woman, male/female, and heterosexuality/homosexuality.

According to this theory, sexuality is seen as a technology, and the various elements of the sex/gender system, such as "man," "woman," "homosexual," "heterosexual," and "transsexual," as well as their sexual practices and identities, are considered merely machines, products, instruments, prostheses, networks, applications, programs, flows of energy and information.

This performance art that arises from this concept intends to create a situation that destabilizes these binary logics, questioning and exploring the possibilities of expression and identification beyond conventional categories. It seeks to break with the predefined notions of gender and sexuality, offering a broader and more fluid approach to these issues.

Its main objective is to stimulate reflection and discussion about the social norms that circumscribe bodies and sexual identities, and to promote greater freedom and acceptance of the diverse forms of expression and experience of sexuality.

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